Speaking up for Animals, An Anthology of Women's Voices

Chapter 6, The Art of Love, written by Sue Coe

Publisher: Routledge Publishers, Boulder & London.

ISBN: 9781612050881

Pages: 224
Speaking Up for Animals highlights eighteen courageous members of a growing international animal advocacy movement that is overwhelmingly powered by women. These remarkable activists take us with them as they lift factory farmed chickens and cows from quagmires of filth, free gigantic sea lions caught in fishing gear and secure undercover footage of dogs crying for mercy on stainless steel vivisection tables. In the process, these dedicated women expose the many ways that most of us are complicit in the suffering and exploitation of animals, and creatively suggest a variety of ways in which we might help bring change.

Excerpt from Chapter 6, written by Sue Coe:
We now share a global network of vegans–still, it sounds like the planet Vega sometimes, and feels as though we are from another solar system. A vegan diet is a real way to save nonhumans, a baseline for any thinking person. Changing what we eat is one way to do something positive for the environment and to help other people. We can control what we put into our mouths, what we put on our bodies, and with this starting point, who knows what's possible? 
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