Bully: Master of the Global Merry-Go-Round (2004), a scathing critique of the Bush administration, as well as the book Sheep of Fools: A Song Cycle for Five Voices (2005),which gives a broad history of sheep farming, highlighting the abuses of the animals for human gain. “MAD AS HELL!,” Coe’s 2012 exhibition at the Galerie St. Etienne, concomitantly published by O/R Books in book form as Cruel, is a continued, critical look at the animal industry, built upon her groundbreaking Dead Meat (1996). The Animals’ Vegan Manifesto, published in 2016, features 100 original woodcuts and linocuts advocating for animal abolition; 2018’s Zooicide: Seeing Cruelty, Demanding Abolition, uses original drawings and linocuts to show why the solution is not to reform zoos, but to abolish them. Other publications include How to Commit Suicide in South Africa (1983), X (1986), Police State (1987), Pit’s Letter (2000), and The Ghosts of our Meat (2013).
Coe is currently working on an illustrated book on anti-fascism, tentatively titled Political Butchers.