Vegan Art

A Book of Visual Protest
Tommy Kane, 2022

Publisher: Heni Publishing.

ISBN: 978-1912122301

Dimensions: 9 x 0.75 x 11.5

Pages: 164

Vegan Art: A Book of Visual Protest brings together, for the first time, a collection of pro-vegan artworks by 21 contemporary artists assembled by activist and illustrator Tommy Kane to confront one of the biggest issues of our century – the farming of animals for human consumption.

The book features a preface by Kane, a mock-foreword by an unborn baby, and over 200 works created by illustrators, cartoonists, photographers, and painters eager to inform and awaken the public through their art.

Purposefully graphic and controversial – from utopian visions of a vegan world to brutal mutilations of non-human animals and dystopian portrayals of overconsumption in industrial agriculture – Tommy Kane and his fellow artists are unflinching in their advocation of veganism and animal rights.

Contributing artists: Helen Barker, Melina Hegedus, Philip McCulloch-Downs, Rob MacInnis, Milk DoNg Comics, Dan Piraro, Sue Coe, Jane Lewis, Hartmut Kiewert, Jo-Anne McArthur, Tommy Flynn, Caroletta, Chantal Poulin Durocher, Andrew Tilsley, Jo Frederiks, Cameron O’Steen, Dana Ellyn, Roland Straller, Cynical Coyote, Kate Louise Powell
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