Sue Coe: Art of the Animal

Our Hen House
Dec 15, 2017
New York-based British artist, Sue Coe, in sketching, drawing, and painting what she has seen in factory farms, slaughterhouses and other places where animals are made to suffer all over the world, is both witness and change agent. Our Hen House (, the internet’s hub of all things vegan and animal rights (which was just named by VegNews Magazine the Indie Media Powerhouse of 2011), is proud to announce the latest installment in our Art of the Animal series: a new video-short, “Sue Coe: Art of the Animal.” Our Hen House’s ongoing Art of the Animal video series speaks with artists of all kinds who speak up for animals through their medium. Now, we invite you and your site’s visitors to experience the revelatory images that document the reality of animal exploitation, and to learn first-hand from Sue Coe how her journey into this oftentimes dark, but very real world, manifested.
Directed by Our Hen House’s Executive Director, Jasmin Singer, the video-short takes the viewer on a journey narrated by Sue Coe, and features selections from her vast body of work. Coe describes the impetus behind her life’s work – growing up next door to a hog farm and hearing the hogs’ screaming as they were led to slaughter. These experiences left an indelible mark on the artist. In turn, Coe leaves her own mark on the hearts and minds of anyone who views her images, which have been shown in galleries and museums all over the world. The unapologetically graphic nature of Coe’s work results in viewers bearing witness to suffering – a fate that began for Coe so many years ago – yet also leaves many feeling inspired to create change. For Sue Coe, and for many of us who take in her images, complacency is no longer an option. Though many vegans and animal rights advocates are already aware of these realities, even seasoned activists will be moved and inspired by Coe’s artistic explorations of animal suffering.